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Michael's Ant Website


I also have a thread for this site on Formiculture, World of Myrmecology and on Ant Hill World. This site was founded in 2012, and is in close co-operation with ...

Question for the Consult-Ant about Ant farms – Wild About Ants


Jun 9, 2019 ... If you are interested in raising ants, I strongly suggest you explore on of ant- keeping forums, such as Formiculture.com or the other forums listed ...

Forum(s) - Michael's Ant Website


The 3 forums I'm most active at are the yuku forum and formiculture and Ant Hill world. These are all well established large forums. Some other forums I visit are ...

Ant Homes Under the Ground: Teacher's Guide - Jean C. Echols ...

https://books.google.com/books/.../Ant_Homes_Under_the_Ground.html?id ...

... on the salient point (yes, ants), peppered with creature graphics and endless variations on an ant nest, this book makes formiculture look beside the point.

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