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Elven Architect


Elven Architect. Tools & tables for all things Elvenar. City Planner. Tools. City Planner. Build, test and optimise city layouts without the limitations of trying this ...

Konniver is creating the Elven Architect | Patreon


Hi! My name is Goran, a.k.a. Konniver, and I am the creator of Elven Architect: a website that provides tools and information for Elvenar, the popular fantasy city ...

City Planner - Elven Architect


Build, test and optimise city layouts without the limitations of trying this in-game.

Culture Index - Buildings - Elven Architect


A complete list of all buildings that provide culture, ranked in order of tile efficiency.

All Buildings - Elven Architect


A list of all buildings, which may include some found only in beta.

Privacy Policy - Elven Architect


This Privacy Policy for Elven Architect is powered by PrivacyPolicies.com. We use your data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, you agree ...

ElvenStats.com - Elvenar Player Stats


Load your city exactly as it is into ElvenArchitect in seconds! Use this to better plan your next big city reorganization or to find space you didn't realize you had!

Winter Fair - Buildings - Elven Architect


Christmas Yetis from all of Elvenar assemble to work at the Winter Fair, accompanied by sassy little Goblins.

City Layout (Space Optimization) – Elvenar Gems of Knowledge


ElvenStats has a built-in tool which will create your existing city in ElvenArchitect so that you can play with it as it is currently, without having to build it first, ...

Notes on Elven Architecture | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by ...


By Gastinus Florus, Masons' Guild Historian Soaring and graceful, or static and repetitive: High Elf architecture divides Imperial critics much like a painted cow at  ...

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